San Francisco Museums’ Nightlife

San Francisco Museums

San Francisco Museums

San Francisco is home to world-class museums. What many visitors don’t know is that some of these museums usually come alive after dark. Regular after dark events involve adult travelers mingling over cocktails and other social activities. This gives these travelers a different perspective on the exhibits without the usual crowds experienced during the day. The following are some of the museums with spectacular nightlife scenes.


California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences hosts NightLife every Thursday night. This transforms the academy into a lively venue full of cocktails, creatures, music, and provocative science. In addition, it features special exhibits and guest DJs. The activity involves visitors aged above 21 years as a ticketed adults-only event. They get the opportunity to explore the academy after dark between 6 and 10 p.m. each week, there is a unique theme featured at the academy. The visitors get to explore different topics including the environment and health as well as exploring the planetarium, aquarium among others.


Nightlife at the Exploratorium

Similar to the California Academy of Sciences, the Exploratorium hosts the Nightlife event every Thursday. It is an opportunity for visitors to have an educational night where they get to explore art, science, and technology. A cash bar and music add on to the fun. The event is ticketed thus controlled attendance. At the event, there are other opportunities to check out the museum theatre and the hands-on exhibits after dark. Another marvelous view is the waterfront facing the bay.


Nightlife at the de Young

Another exciting place for nightlife events is the de Young Museum. It offers free after-dark events that combine demos, dances, lectures, and discussions with local artists on select Friday nights. It is a great time and place to gain significant insights into the creative journey. Furthermore, it grants you access to the museum’s observation tower and the special exhibitions.

In addition, the local artists display their art in the Education Gallery, debuts new commissions, and even facilitate drop-in workshops. At the café, visitors get to enjoy exclusive menus and special cocktails. The scholars on the other hand actively play roles in making the museum experience engaging. The events start at 5 pm and go on to 8 pm. Each week, the activities are different purposefully made to coincide with special themes. The themes are usually inspired by artistic topics and permanent collections of great importance to the community. Special editions are also held including events like The Summer of Love experience which celebrates 50 years of the Summer Love.

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 San Francisco annual festivals

San Fransisco annual festivals

San Fransisco annual festivals

The unique adventures along with fun filled adventures make up part of the experiences in San Fransisco. In an effort to entice the locals and visiting tourists yearly events are usually organised all through the city. The festivals are well arranged throughout the year making the city an all round travel destination. Whether in the fall or even summer the events will give one a cultural experience from all around the world.

Chinese New year parade

Chinatown in San Fransico is a well known historical site meant to preserve as well as nurture the vast heritage of Asian culture. The Chinese new year is  usually considered a big event and attrracts quite a large following. The events are spread all through the Bay area with a series of activities. This event occurs mostly at the beginning of the month of February each year. However, the dates may vary depending on the set yearly calendar.

Cherry blossom festival

The festival is regarded as a Japaneese festival for the celebration of blooming  of the cherry blossoms. Normally hosted in one of the remaining three japanese towns located in United States. With a grand parade, live bands, martial arts as well as cultural performances from the rich Japanese culture the event attracts quite a large following. This annual Northern California festival usually takes place within the month of April.

Alice summerthing

San Fransisco has always been supportive of artistic culture hence the large presence of artists in the area. Given the chance to display their best artistic works the artists appreciate the support given through amazing creative works. New talent is supported for new artists as they work side by side with reknown artists and is actually free. By allowing all ages to attend the festival it gives a good location for the whole family to attend. Additionally, bringing food along is allowed so one enjoys the good music performances as they relax with amazing company.

Castro street fair

This fair comes as no exception at the beginning of the fall with excitement coming in from all the public activities taking place. In October, it is not surprising to see people dressed up all along the streets. The unique costumes cannot really wait for the Halloween festival to begin throughout San Fransisco. The most unique neighbourhood around the city features its unique character on each first Sunday of the month of October. Watch these 50 best annual events in San Francisco to know about the traditions and culture of that city. Watch these 50 best annual events in San Francisco to know about the traditions and culture of that city.

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